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Frequently Asked Questions

There was a holiday this week, when is my pickup day? When will my day be on the normal day?

Holiday Schedules are only in effect for the week that the holiday falls in. If the holiday is on a Monday, all routes will be delayed by one day for the remainder of that week. For more information about holiday schedules, please see our Holiday Schedule.

Why didn't my trash get picked up? Why didn't all of my trash get picked up?

This is quite a complex issue and we've made a checklist to help get to the bottom of the issue as quickly as possible.

1) Is the can is empty? Our employees are trained to put the can back as close as possible to its original location. Sometimes this results in the can being in the exact manner in which it was left before emptying. Other times, they may simply open the lid, grab the bags, and close the lid, leaving the can in its place.

2) Is it a Holiday week or was there inclement weather? An entire week's worth of routes can be shifted by one day in some cases.

3) Was your trash was put out by 7 A.M.? Our trucks leave the office at 7 A.M. and can be at the first stop in minutes depending on your relative location. Also, route times can shift on a daily basis due to a number of reasons. Putting your trash out on time ensures pickup.

4) Is there a large amount of items which cannot be accepted (see Guidelines and Procedures for full list) loose in the can or on top of the trash? Our workers are trained to leave these items or the whole can if they cannot be easily separated. These items are not accepted by landfills, are usually hazardous to the environment, and can be dangerous to our employees and our equipment.

5) Has a family member put trash in the can since it was placed at the curb? Many times, a can has been put out half-full, emptied, and then more trash been put in it after pickup.

6) Are you up to date on payments? Sometimes payments get lost in the mail or things slip our mind. Payments are due on the first of each month. If payment hasn't been received by the 10th of the month, service interruption may occur.

7) No fault of yours? Call our office as soon as possible. Mistakes happen, and we will pickup your trash if it is indeed our mistake. Please call the day following your scheduled pickup day if your trash was missed, if not sooner. This ensures a speedy resolution to our mistake.

We've created this checklist to improve efficiency and conserve the precious resources that are used in picking up trash when it is not necessary. On that note, should you have very little trash and it did not get picked up, we ask that you hold off until the following pickup and we will get it all with no problem. While this is an inconvenience and you do pay for our service, we do everything we can to conserve energy resources since we are all in this world together.

My can is dirty. Can I get a clean can?

It is the responsibility of the customer to maintain their can. A simple rinse each week makes all the difference.

Depending on time and location, can washing may be available for a fee to cover the cost of labor involved in the pickup, washing, and delivery of your can in addition to fuel costs and cleaning supplies.

Can I be recycling customer?

Currently, recycling is limited to certain areas. Please call our office to see if recycling is available in your area.

We cannot provide all customers with recycling at this time due to the high cots of fuel, labor, and vehicle upkeep which are not offset by money earned from diverting trash from landfills.

Do I need to separate my recycling? Why not?

You do not need to separate your recyclables. Our recycling is sent to a "single-stream" facility. This means that they accept all recyclables commingled and then they separate them. Click HERE to view our accepted recyclables.

The truck drove by my house and didn't get my trash. What happened?

There are a few answers to this question.

1). If you live on a road not in a neighborhood, it is possible that one of our trucks, who is not slated to pickup your trash, is driving to another part of his route. Many trucks use the same arterial roads to get to differing areas.

2). It is possible that it was our recycling truck. Our recycling truck has large lettering on the side that read "Recycle" with the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" logo that is on many recyclables.

3). If the truck drives by and you know it will be coming back out the same street and you run your trash up to the end of the driveway, please stand by the can to make sure the driver sees you. Some drivers work all the stops on the way down the street and drive out, standing next to the can ensures that he sees you placed it out.

4). If none of these are the case, then see "Why didn't my trash get picked up?" above for further information.

I received a note on my can saying I haven't paid my bill, but I have. What's the deal?

In our world, mistakes happen. Please call our office as soon as possible and, together, we'll resolve the situation with all due haste.

I received a note on my can saying I haven't paid my bill. How can I?

You can pay 3 ways:

1) By mail: Our address is P.O. Box 103, Braselton, GA 30517

2) By phone: You can pay by Credit Card over the phone, but there is a minimum 3 month payment.

3) Online: Click HERE or navigate to the Payments tab on the left-hand menu. Please be mindful to double check all account numbers to avoid our credit card handler charging a $10.00 fee.

Can I put payment on my trash can?

We ask that customers not put payment on their trash can as it could be taken by someone other than our employees, it can be blown away by wind, or it can be mistaken for trash and thrown away. To ensure your payment reaches us, please mail your payment, call our office to pay by phone, or pay by credit card, or debit card online by clicking HERE.

Something not intended for the trash got thrown away. Can I get it back?

Our trucks have high-compaction trash bodies. Once the trash in the rear hopper is compacted, it cannot be retrieved. In addition, our trucks empty at the landfill at the end of each days route.

Do you have dumpsters?

We have a very small number of dumpsters available in various sizes and prices. Please call for sizes, availability, and prices. All dumpsters require a 6 month commitment.

Do you have roll-offs?

We do not offer roll-off service.

How much trash will you pickup?

We will pickup our 95 gallon can full of bagged and tied trash bags with the occasional overflow of one to two bags. If you repeatedly have more than this, we ask that you call our office to discuss getting a second can.

What if I don't get my trash out on time? Can you get it the next day?

Our trucks work a certain area each day and that is the only day we work that area in most cases. Due to the high costs of fuel and labor, we cannot get your trash on a day other than the scheduled pickup day without charging an additional fee to offset these costs. We also ask that you try to have your trash out by 7 A.M. and not to "get used to" a time. Other trucks will sometimes help on other routes and a driver may reorganize his route from time to time for a number of reasons.

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