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Why sign a long term contract for service?

We would never ask you to sign a long term contract. If anyone asks you to do so, they are trying to lock you into their terms which will always favor them. They will have clauses that lets them raise rates, but there is no clause to let you cancel without jumping through hoops. We feel like you should not have to sign a long term contract with us because we believe our service is second to none! Just ask your neighbors with the Garbage Hound Red can!

Pitfalls to avoid before you switch!!

1. Sometimes the name of the company may change, but they are the same company that they were before the name change. There are years of Robertson's poor service, hidden fees, and high costs in those new, blue Republic cans. White Oak Sanitation and Red Oak Sanitation both operate under the Sanitation Services umbrella.

2. Make a call to their customer service and see how long you have to wait on the phone. If you have service issues, how hard is it to get it corrected? How long does it take? Your time is valuable also.

3. Make sure that their fee guarantee includes no increase in fuel surcharges and environmental fees. Ensure that you have this in writing. A breakdown of the fuel recovery, administrative, and environmental fees charged by Republic Services can be found HERE.

4. Some companies charge as much as $10.00 to pay over phone or online.

5. We require only monthly payment and will pickup your trash after the due date and leave reminders. Other companies will not pickup your trash whatsoever if you have not paid and can charge up to a $25.00 late fee in some circumstances. Being late could also cause you to forfeit your discounted rate.

6. Make sure how much trash you can put out. Some companies, for the low rate, will not allow anything outside the can. This is how they offer a lower rate. No overflow allotted for parties, birthdays, or holidays. Christmas is around the corner.

Garbage Hound Sanitation, LLC began in 2002 as a locally owned and operated company that focused on service. Today, all of our employees live in the community and we still operate under Garbage Hound Sanitation, LLC because of the reputation for service that we built our company on.